Ruby Sourcing was formed to offer our staff a better opportunity at life and to provide ourselves with a cost-effective solution for our administration needs. Our aim is to attract the best staff, to pass on the best service possible to our clients. Our staff are highly skilled and massively productive employees in which will be working with you directly on a day to day basis and learn your business. As owners of multiple successful companies, one of the reasons we have been successful is because we have been able to reduce costs and increase the productivity of all our administration tasks. You will be amazed at the amount of time that you will save not having to worry about handling calls, taking bookings, invoicing, bookkeeping, internet marketing, you name it we can do it. Spend more time working on your business and not in it.

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High Value
As business owners, ourselves we know the importance to get the best quality of service for the lowest possible cost. At Ruby Sourcing we believe we have constructed a fair model to ensure that your business can run effortlessly without the stain on your bank account.
At Ruby Sourcing we believe company culture is more important than ever. We are extremely focused to deliver a company culture in which the staff feel like work is a second home. It starts with the selection process, in which we look for the most highly motivated, positive and educated recruits. From here we offer them an amazing place to work, build their value and career with great people management, offer exceptional work conditions, development opportunities, social events and benefits. We ensure that your team is performing at its best with motivation and wanting to grow with your organisation. Staff retention is important, and we have this covered!
Our office has state of the art, most up to date equipment available in the Philippines. From the computers to the paint work we ensure that the staff are comfortable and enjoy working with us. Our office is located in a secure location, fitted with a fibre optic internet connections, generators and power packs in the event of an emergency.
Experience counts when it comes to outsourcing. Directors Dan and Stephen have been involved with outsourcing for some years, know what’s involved, what works and what doesn’t. Both business owners run numerous successful businesses all run from the Philippines. Experience and longevity prove that we have developed a platform that our clients can rely on. When you partner with us, you can be rest at ease knowing that we will still be around tomorrow. Stability is a big thing for us, and it should be a big thing for your business too!
As our motto says; Your Success is our Success. We are very passionate to help our clients achieve the most benefit from our services in which is possible. We will monitor your staff, work with your staff and help your staff to achieve the best possible results for you and your business. Ruby Sourcing is committed to providing you with exceptional staff of the highest quality and to ensuring they stay for the long term.
Rather than working in a traditional client-vendor relationship, we work to build a true partnership and become fully integrated into our clients’ operations. Designed for long-term relationships, we attempt to fully integrate a team of highly dedicated Filipino professionals coupled with Australian Management into your existing business. This model works by creating a team of professional employees that are 100% dedicated to a specific client’s work. We recruit, test, co-train, and manage “your” employees while constantly working with you to optimize the value of the relationship. A strong recruitment policy with rigid testing along with competitive compensation enables us to identify and hire well-qualified employees. These employees function as if they were your own employees only located at a remote office.
Systems, we love them, and they are a huge reason for our success. The good news is at RubySourcing we are happy to share. Not only will you get assistance with outsourcing, but our team will also work with you to develop systems in your business that will integrate your offshore team. Without creating systems, it makes it tough for your business to scale. We have trained our staff in business systems that have helped our other businesses become successful, and you too could gain benefit from this support in your business just by working with us. The value you get with Ruby Sourcing is second tonone!
Innovation is important to organizations because it fosters new ideas for products and services, gives staff members a sense of job satisfaction, encourages teamwork and allows organizations to find competitive advantages in the marketplace.At Ruby Sourcing innovation is embraced by top management and supported at all levels of operation ensuring that business life can be made easier for your business.
Feel at ease with Ruby Sourcing, using the latest technologies we have been able to streamline our business operations so you will enjoy a smooth and stress free experience from the day that you contact us. Further still we believe in the success of your business too. We can help to implement processes to improve the efficiency of a process, business or organization by simplifying or eliminating unnecessary steps, using modernizing techniques, or taking other approaches.
Tap into the Filipino labour force for a fraction of the cost. We have an office full of Filipino employees who can do a range of wonderful tasks. They are highly skilled and can speak terrific English. Quality is not compromised, in fact, Filipinos are extremely smart and hardworking. Operating costs either have to be passed on to the customer or taken off the bottom line, so any reductions in costs can improve profits and provide a competitive price.