The advantages of outsourcing in the Philippines. 

Generally speaking, outsourcing plays a significant part in the thriving success of most companies. It frees them from doing business processes themselves so they can focus on core areas that are essential to company’s growth, expansion, and advancement.

Why outsource from the Philippines? The primary reason is high literacy rate and available skilled workforce. The Philippines boasts of high literacy rate compared to other modern and industrialised countries. Since Filipinos deem education as their highest form of pride and status, most of them strive hard to finish their studies. As a result, most working professionals have overcome struggles, stress, and difficulties just to achieve the educational attainment they desire; thus, making them persistent individuals that can overcome any challenge and hurdles in their work. 

Another advantage of outsourcing from the Philippines is the English fluency of Filipinos. Compared to other Asian countries, Filipinos use the English language next to their national language. The educational system, government entities, businesses, etc. utilise English in most of their verbal and written communications. Thus, Filipinos are adept in the language even in their early years. Also, Filipinos are flexible enough to adapt American, British, or non-Asian neutral accent. Hence, customers from native English speaking countries could hardly tell if the person they are communicating with is a native English speaker or not. 

The third advantage is the cost advantage. Other Asian countries also offer cheap labour rates, but work efficiency of Filipinos stand out. In the Philippines, low cost doesn’t mean low quality. Given the culture of work excellence and high work ethics, Filipinos can do high-quality jobs at a fraction of what companies would pay in most countries.

Time zone is another significant advantage. Due to time differences of countries, businesses can still operate during wee hours and deliver results the next morning. Businesses can run round-the-clock business operations without having to supervise processes overnight.

And most importantly, the Philippines offer access to a massive and diverse pool of highly skilled resources. Companies no longer need to invest in recruiting and training. They can make use of outsourcing companies that provide resourcing needs with their pool of highly skilled resources. Ruby Outsourcing offers excellent outsourcing services that ensure availability of well-educated, experienced, and highly capable resources. It plays a critical role in providing business processing solutions to international companies. 

We look forward to providing the best resources suitable for your business needs. We do the nitty gritty stuff so you can work on the essentials: profitability, advancement, and further expansion of your business.