Great Reasons for Outsourcing to the Philippines

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has become one of the contributing factors in the thriving success of most companies. It frees them from doing business processes themselves so they can focus on core areas that are essential to company’s growth, expansion, and advancement.

One great reason why international companies hire from offshore is the cheap labour rates. Most Asian countries offer low-cost labour rates that are only a fraction of what would cost in Western countries. With the competing markets in Asia, why do businesses choose to outsource from the Philippines? 

Why outsource to the Philippines? 

Low cost doesn’t mean low quality. It is a common knowledge that great quality requires a high price. However, this is not so true for Filipinos. In the Philippines, businesses can take advantage of high-quality work outputs at the lower cost. This is because, in the Philippines, cost of living is lower compared to other Asian countries. Thus, salary rates equate with cost of living. In addition, given the culture of work excellence and great work ethics, Filipinos can do high-quality jobs because they are trained to be excellent at what they do.

English fluency. According to the World’s largest ranking of countries by English skills, the Philippines ranked 13th among non-native English speaking countries. It is the 3rd in rank in Asia. This is because English is a really a prevalent language in the Philippines. They may have their national language and various local dialects, but English is their ‘formal’ way of communicating. English is utilised in their educational system, politics, business processes, entertainment, social gatherings, etc. Thus, Filipinos are adept in the language even in their early years. Also, Filipinos are flexible enough to adapt American, British, or non-Asian neutral accent. Hence, customers from native English speaking countries could hardly tell if the person they are communicating with is a native English speaker or not. Although the Philippines only ranked 3rd in Asia, Filipinos are deemed as having the best native or neutral English accent compared to other Asians.

High literacy rate. The Philippines boasts of 95.6 literacy rate. Since Filipinos consider education as their highest form of pride and status, most of them strive hard to finish their studies. In addition, educational institutions offer cheaper rates compared to other countries. Therefore, the Philippines offers a vast pool of highly educated and globally competitive workforce.

Time difference advantage. Due to time differences of countries, companies can still operate during wee hours and deliver results the next morning. Businesses can run round-the-clock business operations without having to supervise processes overnight.

Booming outsourcing industry. The BPO industry has been one of the country’s top revenue generators. Therefore, the government shows full support to this thriving industry. Hence, outsourcing companies are on the secured footing. 

High standard outsourcing company. There are several outsourcing companies in the Philippines. However, Ruby Outsourcing has set a higher bar. The founders, being business owners themselves, believe in the importance of getting the best quality of service for the lowest possible cost so they constructed a model to ensure that companies can operate smoothly without breaking the bank. They placed themselves at the position of companies that outsource, so they know first-hand what companies desire to achieve when implementing processes offshore. With Ruby outsourcing, businesses are assured of having globally-competitive workforce backed-up by co-business owners that equate to the highest possible standard offshore processes implementations.