At Ruby Sourcing, we also specialise in outsourcing for trade businesses. Director Daniel Brunes has grown a one person, start-up carpet cleaning business to one of the prominent carpet cleaning companies within the industry (www.carpetcleaningkings.com.au) within a five years period. On top of that Daniel has started multiple successful businesses and owes all of his success to outsourcing to the Philippines.

It all started four years ago when Daniel could see the need for more administration staff but could not afford the Australian wages.

Since employing one virtual assistant from the Philippines, Daniel was addicted to outsourcing and continued to grow his team so that his companies could work around the clock. Today Daniel runs his entire carpet cleaning organisation from the Philippines. All customer service enquiry is answered, over the phone, email and online chat. The virtual assistants schedule bookings and liaise with the field technicians; all staff are skilled in up sales, marketing and social media management. They handle the debt collection and bookkeeping, and things have not been running better. When it comes to Outsourcing for trade services, any trades business could benefit from the use of outsourcing in any industry. It's all the same process, you need to implement quality systems, and it is all about what you put into your team, the more training and the more knowledge they have, the more success you will have with it.


All trades businesses in any industry should outsource the following:

  • Outsource your Sales Enquiry

  • Outsource your Email Management

  • Outsource your Marketing

  • Outsource your Customer Service

  • Outsource your Field Team Management

  • Outsource your Book Keeping

  • Outsource your Debt Collection

  • Outsource everything you can

  • Trade Outsourcing for Electrical Business

  • Trade Outsourcing for Plumbing Business

  • Trade Outsourcing for Building Companies

  • Trades Outsourcing for Tiling Business

  • Trades Outsourcing for Carpet Cleaners

  • Trades Outsourcing for Maintenance Business

  • Trades Outsourcing for Facility Management

  • Trades Outsourcing for Painting Business

  • Trades Outsourcing for Solar Company

  • Trades Outsourcing for Gardeners

  • Trades Outsourcing for Cleaners

  • Trades Outsourcing for Big Business and Small Business

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