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The Director of Ruby Sourcing, Stephen Atcheler had an interview on REUNCUT, an online podcast wherein they invite successful business people to tell their stories, with Kevin Turner. On this episode, he talks with Stephen about how he got into Real Estate Outsourcing.

The Director of Ruby Sourcing, Stephen Atcheler has recently completed an interview on Real Estate talk show, Real Estate Uncut. Hosted by Kevin Turner, Real Estate Uncut is an online podcast which talks about all things Real Estate and how Real Estate agents can improve their Real Estate Businesses.

In this instance, Kevin wanted to speak to Stephen about how he has successfully implemented outsourcing into his Real Estate business and how it could benefit others.

But first, you need to know a little about who is Stephen Atcheler.
Stephen started Real Estate at the early age of 19 as a Real Estate Agent. After much success, he decided his next big move would be to start and manage his own Real Estate Business in Brisbane, and that's what he did.

In the interview, Stephen tells us of the challenges and encountered pressures he faced while starting the business. Stephen was a firm believer that he needed to push through the ups and downs and look for other ways he could lower the bottom line. He knew he needed to do something different and that's how he came across outsourcing in the Philippines.

At first, Stephen started outsourcing by hiring a staff member over the internet from one of the other outsourcing call centres, but this came with problems. There were no formalised systems, a lack of support and because of this many tasks remained unfinished or just forgotten. He tells us he could see the value and benefits of outsourcing, but he knew there had to be a better way to do it. This pushed him to book a plane ticket to the Philippines to understand the BPO (business process outsourcing) Industry and learn how things could be done better.

With months of research, training, trial and error and development Stephen has introduced systems that could easily be followed by his virtual assistants and his Real Estate business in Australia was never the same again. Both his sales and property management divisions had transformed into something very rare within the Real Estate Market. With all administration tasks now handled from the Philippines, Stephen could now successfully reduce his labour costs, and increase his productivity, so streamlined and fruitful that Stephen knew that other Real Estate businesses could benefit from his hard work. Ruby Sourcing was born.

As the interview goes on Kevin Turner tackled Stephen regarding the benefits and problems of outsourcing. Obviously, the reduced costs of labour in the Philippines was a huge advantage; however, Keven was also curious whether Outsourcing can lead to a lack of control into your business. Stephen believes that with the right training and system development, this can lead to a much greater control of your Real Estate business.

With Stephens background, passion and success Stephen has taken away the need to travel to the Philippines to achieve a favourable result. He states that It’s not necessary to go to the Philippines if you have the right company and team looking after you. Ruby Sourcing specialises in the Real Estate Industry, and Stephen is happy to share the systems and developments he has deployed successfully within his business. If you pick the right company that understands your Real Estate business like Ruby Sourcing outsourcing is the way of the future.

There will be challenges and training will need to be implemented across the board for both your Filipino and Australian staff members but once implemented you will be surprised at how efficient and effective a Filipino virtual assistant team can be.

Ruby Sourcing invites all clients to attend the Philippines to conduct some more personalised training with their staff; however, this is not necessary.

To hear the full interview just CLICK HERE.

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