Personal Assistant versus Virtual Assistant

Most real estate professionals drive themselves sick working harder to achieve top performance. They are compelled to maintain their achieved status and gain more and more clients. However, as clients increase and potential clients inquire, their responsibilities also pile up. For a real estate agent making six to eight sales a month, work easily accumulates; hence, requiring rapid execution of tasks - both personal interaction with clients/property owners and paper works. 

Such situation calls for assistance. Real estate agents need to be helped; lest they become less productive due to efforting on various tasks that are better handled for them. But there is a dilemma. There are two options to consider when seeking the aid of an assistant. 
Either choose a personal assistant (PA) or virtual assistant (VA).

Things to Consider When Making an Informed Decision

The average wage for a personal assistant would go between $40,000 to $60,000. They do administrative jobs. They can work in the office or remotely, handle everything on a computer, online. 

Real estate virtual assistants, on the other hand, also do everything on a computer, online. However, for a trained real estate virtual assistant at Ruby Sourcing, you approximately pay between $12,000 to $15,000 a year to perform tasks similar to a personal assistant. 

Tasks of a Real Estate Personal Assistant That Can Also Be Performed by a Real Estate Virtual Assistant 

These are two predominant PA tasks that a VA can also do, at a significantly lesser cost. 

Listing contract. Before an agent goes out to a listing appointment, they need to have the listing agreement prepared. Although listing agreements vary, they need to be prepared ahead of time. Assistants typically go to RP Data of Price Finder to acquire details to put on the listing agreement. A top performing real estate agent needs between seven to ten of the listing appointment every week. Therefore, they need to have the agreements done and prepared for them. 

Listing agreements come with a pre-listing kit. This includes information that is forwarded to the owner of the property prior to the listing appointment. The pre-listing kit may include the introductory letter, sales and performance results, and recent sales. There may also be customization requirements according to what the listing appointment is. Hence, there should be active communication between the agent and the personal assistant. This is something that a virtual assistant can also do well. Listing agreements also require research about the property with regard to pricing. They can compare prices in the area to provide the agents a heads up on the value. Hence, saving the agent's time on researching. 

In addition, contracts must be prepared in advance. A virtual assistant ensures that the contract is created and filled out correctly. In cases when the agent is on the road and got a sudden offer, he/she can request the virtual assistant for an urgent creation of a contract. By the time the agent arrives in the office, the virtual assistant already has the contact printed out if they are remotely connected to the printer. Once the contract is finalised, copies will be sent to the buyer, seller, buyer solicitor, and vendor solicitor. 

From there, there are several tasks to be accomplished. Virtual assistants ensure the time and schedule of the building inspection is updated to the CRM, as well as the finance clause, for auction, auction kits, and all other things that need preparation. The VA can send all pre-registration forms to all potential buyers. VAs also communicate with solicitors to ensure appropriate paper work is sent when things go unconditional. They have all legal documents prepared and stored. 

The second task is having several marketing materials organised. Virtual Assistants can easily do this. They organise the photos, floor plans, and collecting scripts from agents. The put all information in the agent's CRM, Dropbox, etc. They know when to use bulk uploader, so they don't need to go to multiple websites. They administer, update every relevant task. When the property needs to go live, they can send it to live portals. They update prices, send information to owners, and even send re-marketing campaigns to all buyers that inquire about the property. 

All of these functions and more, all from efficient real estate virtual assistants. Why pay a personal assistant when you can save a lot of money and have everything handled efficiently by a Virtual Assistant.

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