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For years now, outsourcing is being practiced by a lot of businesses around the globe because of its effectiveness and efficiency. Many companies outsourced tasks to save money and be more focus on the core of their businesses.

But besides saving money, what are the other benefits that a company can get by outsourcing?

Stephen Atcheler, the director of Ruby Sourcing, an efficient outsourcing company in the Philippines, talked about of the most significant benefits that outsourcing can give to certain companies. He started by stating the fact that both parties, the business owners and the well-performing outsourcing companies, benefits with the said practice. The reason why outsourcing companies benefiting with outsourcing is given. But, how can business owners get something positive from it? According to Atcheler, one of the main advantages of the business owners in outsourcing is the fact that they have enough time to do and take care of some core business things that they should be doing when they already have someone to manage all the admin and other organizing related works for them. Well-manageable time is indeed significant for entrepreneurs for it is given that operating a business, whether small or huge, is very time-consuming. And that “well-manageable time” is just one thing that outsourcing can assure. It is evident that having more time means having a chance on being more productive in the core activities of the business that can earn more dollars. Atcheler added that it is wise to outsource some essential tasks that are not making money. This move, he said can be an excellent step in moving forward with the business.

Another positive thing mentioned in the interview that business owners can get in outsourcing is that they are paying fewer dollars to their outsourced staff for most outsourcing companies are located in countries which have low labor rates. The Ruby Sourcing director mentioned the possible difference between the costs of dollars you need to pay your employee and your staff from an outsourcing company, and it's significantly huge. But Atcheler clarified that outsourcing is not designed to disrespect the capabilities of the workers of its clients. In fact, he stated that the company’s ability to sync its central team to its outsourced staff is indeed a key to a much better business run.

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