Application Rentals

In Real Estate for a prospective tenant to get approved and accepted to move into a rental property, an application form must be submitted to the agency. The purpose of an application form is to get a good understand of a tenant's criteria, rental history, income potential and references.

To process an application (confirming all the data) property managers and agents must cross reference all information to make sure it is true and accurate. This traditional process can be time-consuming and tedious for both tenants and agents or property managers. 
Property managers are vital in the real estate industry. However, most of their valuable time is consumed with office work and hounding on documents and information. Thus, making them less productive. 
Property managers’ primary role is to physically meet clients and ensure that the properties are in a great condition.

Many of these tasks could be efficiently be done by virtual assistants:

1.    Application information and documents. Virtual assistants check and acquire all necessary information from the tenants. They make sure that there are no missing information or incorrect details on the application form. This is because every bit of information is important to the proper matching and effective referencing.

2.     Tenant history checking. It is important to make sure that the tenant has no bad record as far as renting properties is concerned. Virtual assistants could go inspecting all necessary background checks. One of the tedious tasks involves checking on past rental history with other agencies. Some agencies are slow in providing information. Hence, a virtual assistant can check and make a follow up from time to time until the necessary information is acquired. They refer to a complete checklist and send it via paper or online to the other agency. The virtual assistant can then ask for a quick appointment to ask about the items on the checklist. They could ask if the other agency can spare, for example, two minutes, to make a series of question and answer just to ensure that the tenant is a good one.

3.    Identifying the suitable match. For every property, there can be several applications of prospective tenants. For popular properties, there could be a minimum of ten applications. In most states, it is a requirement of the law that the applications be checked before presented to the owner. Property managers can acquire the results from virtual assistants and make the final assessment on the most suitable tenant to rent the property.

Given these tedious processes involving real estate property application and rentals, it is a wise decision to hire a real estate virtual assistant. This will make property managers and agents do what they do best – meeting the tenants and physically checking on properties. While all the nitty gritty stuff can be best handled by virtual assistants. This will make your real estate property business seamless and cost-effective. Now it is wiser to let experienced virtual assistants, handled by a trustworthy outsourcing firm in the Philippines handle the job for all your real estate business needs.

  • Application information and documents

  • Tenant history checking

  • Identifying the suitable match