At Ruby Sourcing, we are Real Estate Outsourcing experts. Director Stephen Atcheler has had 11 years experience in Real Estate Sales and Property management. From a young age, Stephen excelled within the Real Estate Industry and at 27 owned 3 Real Estate Offices in Brisbane. Stephen attributes much of his success to the use of outsourcing. He was able to structure his office procedures so systemised that the agency could operate successfully with out his presence in all facets of the business.
When it comes to Real Estate Outsourcing the main thing to get right is creating awesome systems. In this section of our website, we will cover off in detail all about Real Estate Outsourcing and how you can get it to work for you in your Real Estate Business.

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Outsourcing Explained!

  • How best can outsourcing be used?

    It has been proven that outsourcing is indeed a benefit for entrepreneurs and business owners. From having enough time for the core of the firm to saving dollars, outsourcing is indeed a help for small and huge companies. But, how is it to maximize the capabilities of this business practice?

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    Benefits of Outsourcing

    For years now, outsourcing is being practiced by a lot of businesses around the globe because of its effectiveness and efficiency. Many companies outsourced tasks to save money and be more focus on the core of their businesses.

    But besides saving money, what are the other benefits that a company can get by outsourcing?

  • Personal Assistant versus Virtual Assistant

    Most real estate professionals drive themselves sick working harder to achieve top performance. They are compelled to maintain their achieved status and gain more and more clients. However, as clients increase and potential clients inquire, their responsibilities also pile up. For a real estate agent making six to eight sales a month, work easily accumulates; hence, requiring rapid execution of tasks - both personal interaction with clients/property owners and paper works. 

    Such situation calls for assistance. Real estate agents need to be helped; lest they become less productive due to efforting on various tasks that are better handled for them. But there is a dilemma. There are two options to consider when seeking the aid of an assistant. 
    Either choose a personal assistant (PA) or virtual assistant (VA).

  • Application Rentals

    In Real Estate for a prospective tenant to get approved and accepted to move into a rental property, an application form must be submitted to the agency. The purpose of an application form is to get a good understand of a tenant's criteria, rental history, income potential and references.

    To process an application (confirming all the data) property managers and agents must cross reference all information to make sure it is true and accurate. This traditional process can be time-consuming and tedious for both tenants and agents or property managers. 
    Property managers are vital in the real estate industry. However, most of their valuable time is consumed with office work and hounding on documents and information. Thus, making them less productive. 
    Property managers’ primary role is to physically meet clients and ensure that the properties are in a great condition.

    Many of these tasks could be efficiently be done by virtual assistants:

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    As Seen On REUNCUT - What can be outsourced?

    Recently Kevin Turner interviewed Stephen Atcheler the director of Ruby Sourcing regarding outsourcing. Outsourcing is the new big thing regarding modern business. The interview specifically discusses what parts of a Real Estate business can be outsourced.

  • Real Estate Outsourcing Reuncut

    As Seen On REUNCUT - Where to Start

    The Director of Ruby Sourcing, Stephen Atcheler had an interview on REUNCUT, an online podcast wherein they invite successful business people to tell their stories, with Kevin Turner. On this episode, he talks with Stephen about how he got into Real Estate Outsourcing.

  • Real Estate Outsourcing Lead Generation

    Real Estate Outsourcing - Lead Generation

    When it comes to Real Estate outsourcing you really need to broaden your horizon on what can be completed by your offshore staff. Did you know that your staff can start producing listings and new managements for your Real Estate business.

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    Real Estate Outsourcing - Admin 1st

    When it comes to Real Estate outsourcing you may be wondering where can you start? We at Ruby Sourcing suggest that you start with outsourcing your Admin 1st so that you can start to get your time back.