Typical Jobs to Outsource

Typical Jobs to Outsource

“Specialization, concentration, and consistency is the key to outstanding performance... Love your zone!” 

― Israelmore Ayivor

While it is true that you cannot outsource all jobs, several roles are ideal for designating offshore. These positions are tried and tested to be effectively done remotely. Offshore staffs have specific niche and specialisation. The following are the jobs that you can outsource to virtual workers according to specialisation:

1. Business Systems Training 

Business training and consultancy are deemed to be a must if you want to avoid costly mistakes, unguaranteed self-education, and time wastage. At Ruby Outsourcing, the Business System Training Program is designed to provide education on the following areas: business systems, efficient use of software to streamline things, business automation, online marketing, etc. 

2. Graphic Designer

This job is not something anybody could handle. Design skill is not for everyone. Moreso, the manipulation of elements in graphics editing software, correct colour combination, appropriate size and forms of objects, etc. requires a lot of time to master. It will be a waste of time trying to educate yourself or your staff with Photoshop, InDesign, and other graphics manipulation software. Graphic designers can swiftly design logos, banners, covers, infographic images, websites, landing pages, Sales pages, mock-ups, as well as intros and outros video design and editing.

3. Content Writer

Content writers play a significant role in the modern business industry as most businesses are focusing most on marketing. In this day and age, the essence of marketing is written content. Websites, advertisements (print, television, radio), programs, announcements, etc. need to be creatively written by highly skilled writers. Some of their tasks include website content, blog post creation, ghost writing, SEO writing, guest blog posting, newsletter writing, proofreading, article marketing, article spinning, and press-release writing.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Marketer

SEO is so dynamic that what has been so effective in the recent years may not work anymore. Hiring an SEO / Web Marketer will place your content in reliable visibility and long-term traffic. Here are some tasks assigned to an SEO/Marketer: site analysis, competitor analysis, landing page creation, sitemap submission, on-page optimisation, and keyword research for blogs.

5.  Website Developer

This is yet another role that should be done only by experts. While there are a lot of drag-and-drop website builders, the expertise of web developers and designers cannot be replaced. They have the technical know-how on what structure and design would fit your specific business needs. They carry out 'branded' interface and functionalities. Some of the specific tasks include the development of websites, plugins installation,  theme customization, site maintenance, web security, troubleshooting, CRM integration, social media integration, etc.

6. General Virtual Assistant

Although the term 'general' is often misunderstood as 'know-it-all', it is not so true with a general virtual assistant. Although they may have a diverse knowledge of almost any office and business function, they have a specific niche that they are most experienced with. Most tasks include but not limited to Administrative tasks such as creating reports, documents, forms, online research, and book layouts. Office functions such as voicemail checking, call handling, receptionist duties, creating and sending invoices, bookkeeping, personal errands, and executive assistant or secretarial services. 

Given these diverse roles and function, we at Ruby Outsourcing offer an equally-diverse pool of trained and highly skilled workforce that would cater to every business needs. Why carry the burden of handling intricacies of these jobs? Let us expertly handle them for you.

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