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Every trades business has sales enquiry! After all, sales are what makes a business. Who can really say that all sales enquiries are handled professionally, promptly and with care?

Sales enquiry can come from a wide range of avenues. The more conventional channels being over the phone, via email or by your website instant messenger, all of which can be outsourced to the Philippines.

Having a virtual assistant can help increase the number of sales enquiry you convert, let's have a look at why?

Having a virtual assistant handling your sales enquiry is instant. 

In today's world, the consumer wants action, and they want it fast if you're not able to answer their questions straight away the chances of them calling another company are relatively high. Having a virtual assistant to man your phones, emails and chat on a full-time basis is a viable solution to answering all enquiry all the time. 

More sales = more income.

Having a virtual assistant might not be as expensive as you think. We like to think of a virtual assistant as an insurance policy.

Every trades business is spending advertising dollars on new business acquisition. For every phone call, we can assume there was a cost to gain the incoming enquiry. The question is; How many dollars are you losing when your potential customer's sales are not answered?

Not only are you missing out on the cost of the job, but you have just spent advertising money for no reason. Take this scenario, for example, Imagine your an electrical trades business and you miss one phone call in which the customer would have bought an air-conditioning unit, it may be a $3000 job, and on top of that, you may have spent $200 to gain the enquiry. This scenario would be a $3200 loss. What's more expensive? Paying for a virtual assistant that could have taken this call or missing out on a $3000 job? No brainer right.

There is a reason why large companies and small businesses are moving towards outsourcing. That's because it works!

Outsource your sales enquiry today, and don't miss out on the money you deserve!

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