Trades businesses don't like paperwork, although it's not paperwork email management is just as stressful. 

How many emails does your organisation receive every day? The chances are that you can’t find time in your day-to-day operations to maintain and manage your email solution as well as you’d like. Or perhaps you get home at the end of the day after a long day at work reluctant to answer your emails, but you know that its business and you could miss out on something important.

Having a full-time virtual assistant from the Philippines answering your email is a fast and efficient way to lose the stress of answering your email inbox and getting back to customers fast!

Such an asset could help you regain control of your inbox by never having to tangle with it yourself. Instead, your Virtual Assistant will sort through everything, categorising and prioritising per your instructions, meaning you only end up seeing the emails that need your attention. Everything else is dealt with efficiently yet professionally, freeing your mind to think about the decisions that truly matter.

Email management has become an unwieldy beast in the past decade and a half, but with “someone” to help you shoulder the burden, it can become a source of productivity rather than something you have to deal with that stresses you out.

Trades businesses can benefit from the use of virtual assistants in so many ways. Email management is just one many tasks that a virtual assistant can handle. 

Ruby Sourcing specialises in trades business outsourcing; we welcome the chance to work with your trade services business!

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