Big Business Outsourcing


The invention of the internet has undoubtedly changed the world. We have turned what seemed the impossible into possible. 
Never before had the world been so easily connected as efficiently and effectively. With this new found technology came a new era, 'the modern era' and a multitude of new industries and opportunities have opened up. One of the most significant advances was what we call today the BPO industry. BPO Stands for Business Process Outsourcing.

Business Process Outsourcing is basically using overseas workers to work with your company to reduce labour costs and increase efficiency, allowing you to scale.

The reason this came about was that highly clever CEO's of big businesses like Microsoft, Google and IBM were no longer pigeon holed into having internal staff report to their office. They were able to save money on office space and wages all because this type of work could be done remotely over the internet with a computer. 

With this in mind, they decided to look for countries abroad to tap into a cheaper labour force, and where did they go? They went straight to the nation of the Philippines.

This new BPO industry started around 1995 and now is the fastest growing sector in the Philippines. The industry is so big it has created a new middle class which has been great for the country’s economy.

Why the Philippines?

In the Philippines, English is learnt as a second language and it is is very common amongst Asian countries that going to University is a necessity and is pushed by their family. So what you get is a highly educated staff member in many fields that are fluent in English. The average wage is about 1/5 of the cost of western countries like the USA, UK, New Zealand and Australia. So CEO’s could slash their wage bill in these big businesses while still maintaining a high quality of service.  This helped them drive further profits and give higher dividends to their investors also increasing the share price. It was an ideal scenario for big business to get involved with virtual assistants.

The second phase of outsourcing that took it to the next level was when the VOIP phone system came to fruition. VOIP stands for “Voice over internet protocol.” What this meant to these big businesses was that they could now make use of the internet as a cheap and reliable phone system to make both inbound and outbound calls internationally (while still looking like they are being called from a local number). In turn, this created yet another sector within the BPO industry as it enabled these firms to now use the Philippines labour force as their sales and customer support staff

In today's world, smart business owners are moving towards outsourcing to the Philippines. We have seen a range of large enterprises outsourcing as well as small business outsourcing helping with day to day tasks such as simply answering the phone or providing a book keeping service.

The type of big businesses that now outsource is Tech Companies, Telco’s, Banks, Insurance Companies, Marketing Companies and Utility Companies.

Here at Ruby Sourcing, we are an outsourcing company that can deliver a high quality of service, and we have staff that have worked in all these areas ready to go to support your big business and your needs. 

How many staff do you need? We can supply 50+ team members if you require supporting your big operation. All you need to do is say yes! 

Ruby Sourcing knows about business, whats expected and what is required. You will soon realise that you will not find a better company to partner with.

As we say, 'Your Success is Our Success', and we will do everything we can to ensure a successful relationship.

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