This will give you an understanding as to what the costs are with Ruby Sourcing Inc and what services you will receive for your money. As business owners ourselves we know the importance to get the best quality of service for the lowest possible cost. At Ruby Sourcing we believe we have constructed a fair model to ensure that your business can run effortlessly without the drain on your bank account.
  • With market factors that are out of our control, these prices are subject to change. At the time of signing this document and accepting this agreement, this pricing is accurate as of this date.
  • Negotiations on the current pricing arrangement can only occur when a client has employed five or more full-time employees. If a client grows above fifteen permanent employees, we are open to offering a price per m2 basis.

Setup Fee

Desk Space Rental

Staff Wages

Setup Fee

As you can guess, the setup fee is a one-time only fee to cover the costs of the setup.

* This fee must be paid upon acceptance of our client service agreement to begin the recruitment process.

What the fee covers

Electronics: 1 X High-Speed PC, Monitor, Online Headset, Mouse Keyboard and Webcam

Software: Team communication, Skype, Microsoft Office, Systems Software, Virus Protection, Screen Capture with Video recording, VoIP Phone System.

Recruitment: Job Ad Posting (Our cost $250), Flyer Drops, Resumes Filtering, Phone Interviews, Formal Interviews, Standardised Testing in English, Computer Typing Test, Initiative and problem-solving skills test. Ruby Mindset/Culture session. Schedule Skype interviews with the client. Staff negotiations regarding remuneration and payroll set up.

* Most staff do not have bank accounts or the Internet at home. Sourcing staff is a process that can take up to 2 weeks to find you the right person for your business. When you find a good team member, the last thing we want is them to leave you based on our environment or systems. The HR software we use is the most expensive in the Philippines and provides the most value to your staff. They have the ability to view all the timesheets, payslips, bonus', transfer money to family, use a debit card (very rare) and best of all it has a short term loan facility. When you find a Ruby, you want to keep them happy.

Desk Space Rental

This cost covers the upkeep of computers and work space.

* The desk space must be paid at the minimum of 1 month in advance. If you wish to pay three months in advance, we will take 3% off the price of your desk which is a saving of roughly $14 per seat.

What the fee covers:

Desk Space: Comfortable desk space and chair.

* The desk is solely for the use of your staff member. We maintain the standard of the spaces and keep them all in perfect working order to ensure high performance of your staff member.

Electronics: We maintain the computers and provide full IT support to keep them running at optimum speed. We complete all required updates and maintain the protection of the device.

Security: Full-time security guards guard the facility.

Facility: We provide an extremely comfortable office environment to keep everyone happy. The Philippines is extremely hot therefore the office is fully air-conditioned with two large inverters to keep everyone working in comfort.

Internet: We have contracted the fastest Internet available in the Philippines and use the most reliable company. The Internet is fibre optic, and all the PC's are hard-wired to lessen any chance of dropping out.

* This was one of those crazy costs in the Philippines. We pay $2500/month for the Internet. It truly is crazy.

Power: This is a big one here, the Philippines has many power outages. Ensuring that backup power systems are installed is vital to keep operations running. We have ample generators to supply the office in the event of a blackout. We also have power packs installed to each computer which ensure 30 mins of power in the event of a blackout; this is more than enough time for the staff to power up the generators.

It is very unlikely we will have any problems in our location, but this may occur so please be mindful.

Staff Wages

You guessed it; this one covers your staffs' wages.

* Wages must be paid at the minimum of 1 month in advance.

We need to pay your staff on time, so we need to have your invoice paid on time. If the invoice is not paid on time then, the staff will not be paid on time. It is important to keep the staff happy, so this is a big one!

There are many legal requirements in the Philippines that we have to follow. We are very strict on adhering to these as we do not want to be shut down. The company set-up was six months alone, so we do everything by the book. Fortunately, this will not be something you have to worry about.

We will manage all the attendance, payments, leave and ongoing HR requirements. We will send quarterly reports and have one on one sessions with your staff to ensure they are working at the highest capacity. We will act on your request when it comes to performance and issue warnings on your behalf if required. We will monitor and implement suggestions to improve performance. In the event a termination is required we will be the ones that take care of all of this for you so you can get on with running your business.

Hidden Benefits for Australian Clients
With our invoice, you will pay from your Australian bank account. We need to receive the full amount. Unfortunately, when paying into an international bank account, you may incur extra fees that will be absorbed by you as the client. We will explain a counter benefit that you may not have thought of that will bring a smile to your face. As we are a foreign service, you will not be paying GST so that you will save 10%. We do not have to charge you the taxes here as you are not technically buying a product in the Philippines. We hope this helps.