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Kevin Turner Real Estate Advocate and Trainer

In our two companies - Real Estate Talk and Real Estate UNCUT - we produce real estate tips and advice for buyers, sellers and real estate professionals. We have been operating these two websites for almost 15 years making us somewhat pioneers in the world of podcasting.

The businesses have grown to the stage that we required additional help with the production and distribution of the shows to allow them to grow. That is how we found Stephen Atcheler and the team at RUBY Sourcing.

The systems and personnel introduced to us by RUBY have really opened my eyes to the possibilities. The start up was seamless, the support is fantastic and in a very short period of time they has allowed me to work on the business and not so much in it. They have made a very valuable contribution to the growth of our businesses.

Since Stephen knows how a real estate business works, he and his team are fully on board with what I need to achieve, the language I use and they understand the people I entertain and educate with our shows. They get it!

Being a ‘one man band’ of sorts means that I will always need to be very involved in the business, but with RUBY Sourcing I can take a helicopter view and know, with a quick glance at the management platforms they have provided me, that everything is being done.

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