SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. A lot of companies like to make this sound overly complicated, which in some degrees it is. We understand the logic of SEO and will explain it to you in a way that makes sense. Put simply; it is how people will find your business online. When consumers want to find a product these days, they tend to go to Google and type in a query. For Example, they might type “I need a plumber in Brisbane.” If you are a plumbing business, you want to ensure that your company website is found in the search terms when someone types in this query. So basically SEO is all about making onsite changes and offsite changes to make sure that your site will be found online easily. We can offer suggestions on changes to make your site more appealing to Google's search engine parameters to ensure a good response.


SEO is not a process that happens overnight. Google has many factors that decide whether your site will rank highly in its search terms. A high-rank authority is based on time, relevance, geographic area, site authority and much more that we can discuss with you. We are having some awesome results with many of our customers who are generating more traffic and converting. Your new found leads will cover the cost of your SEO.

Cost of SEO

At Ruby Sourcing, we offer three packages with the entry level package starting at only $500/mth. Depending on what you are looking for we have more advanced packages. The price of SEO is influenced by the size of the area you would like to target and the number of keywords you wish to rank for. For example 'Plumbers Brisbane' is a much harder search term to rank for than 'Plumbers Wishart.' We would love to discuss your SEO needs with you. Feel free to request a callback.

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