Business Systems Training

When it comes to Outsourcing, and in general your business, the systems are paramount. Both directors of Ruby Sourcing have a combined total of 15 years in business. We are still currently running and operating seven other business as well as Ruby Sourcing. How is this all possible? Well, it all is possible because of the systems and money spent investing in our self-education. We have spent more than $100,000 on our education to ensure that we can operate at the top of the game. If you would like to invest in your Business and get some one on one training with the directors, we are open to this. 

Cost of Training

When it comes to pricing, unfortunately, we will not be at the same cost as your outsourcing staff. We offer this to you at a flat hourly rate of PHP 20,000 / hour. The things that we can discuss in these time block sessions are our specialities. We will work with you on Business Systems, Effective use of software to streamline things, Creating Automation, Online Marketing and much more. A small investment in this and you will be well on your way to generating a lot more income in your business. 

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