Social Media Management

When it comes to SOCIAL media, we like to say that we “KISS” our audience. Why do we use the word KISS? Kiss stands for “Keep it social silly.” We think people forget it's called SOCIAL media and they bore their customers to death. Many companies say they are experts in this field. However, we disagree strongly with the research we have done.


We like to take a simple approach, and that is to use simple logic. What do we find interesting and if we find it entertaining the audience will too. Every platform is different, and it is no accident to how the audience got on there. When engaging an audience on Twitter, you have to do it differently to how you would do it on Facebook. These are things that we keep in mind when managing your Social accounts. We also bear in mind that every business is different, so the material relevant for each industry needs to be very different. Social Media needs a bit of logic applied.


The main focus for social media is to drive traffic to your company's website where you can convert them into a customer. We can manage all of your social media content.

Cost of Social Media Management

The cost of our Social Media Management Service is charged in blocks of hours - Choose how many hours you wish to dedicate to your social media account on a weekly basis.


20 hours = Php 18,000 

30 hours = Php 24,000

40 hours = Php 28,000


* Additional Hours Charged at Php 600 per hour.

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