Will training be provided?

At Rubysourcing, we don't just want to source you a person and not make this work for you. We will help all staff members as much as necessary to ensure a smooth operation. Although it is ultimately the client's responsibility to train their employees, we are happy to share our tools and training systems to ensure this is as easy as possible.

How much will your office help our staff?

We can help your employees as little or as much as you would like and are happy to share some of our business systems and processes in which will make the whole experience easier.

Can I offer Incentives to my representatives?

Absolutely! And this is recommended. A happy staff member is an excellent staff member!

What is the best way to train the staff?

The best methods we have found to train staff are utilising videos, screen sharing, and audio recordings. We do role playing and mock calls. We are happy to teach you how to get the most from your employee most effectively.

Do you assist with training and scripts?

We can help with training and scripts, if required! We have a lot of expertise and are happy to help.

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