What time zone will the staff be working?

What time zone will the staff be working?


What time zone will the staff be working?

Your employees will be working your set business hours. We can arrange for any hours of the day/night, however, for some shifts, a surcharge may apply.

Will my agent be working for multiple clients at the same time?

With a few exceptions on some of our services, once selected, your team member will be 100% dedicated to your business and will work directly with you. They are effectively an extension of your local team just located remotely.

How do public holidays work with my staff?

Your offshore staff follows the public holiday calendar of your office. However, if you would like them to work on these days, the rate will increase to 2.5 times their wage. To have the staff follow your public holidays opposed to their calendar here ensures for efficient company operations.

How does sick leave work with my staff?

Your offshore staff is entitled to 12 paid sick-leave days.

Do you have security for the staff?

The building in which our office is located is on the 2nd floor of Azzurro hotel. There is security guards on site 24 hours a day seven days a week, a front office reception area, and video surveillance.

What if my staff member does leave?

In the event your team member does leave we will take full responsibility to recruit a new staff member at no additional cost.

Am I able to visit my staff?

We welcome you to our office at any time; you can stay for as long as you want. Alternatively, if your team member agrees you may like to fly them to you, we are sure they would love this opportunity!

What if one of my agents is not performing?

Although we do not expect this to happen, should you have any issues with a staff member please contact us and we will discuss how to resolve your issues best.

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